Our Team

Young, bright and adventurous; Hathway is a real motley crew. We pound on Macs. We listen to music. We surf, sing and wail on guitars. It's not unusual to find us embracing "California casual," wearing flip flops and shorts, while other days dressed to impress. We are an eclectic group of geeks, athletes, magicians and artists with a common love for technology, making exceptional work and a friendly game of Foosball.

Meet the Team

DJ Tarazona

Programmer / Psychic

Hiram Hibbard

Lead Developer / Dog Whisperer

Jesse Dundon

CEO / Foosball Champ

Kevin Rice


Kevin Strong

Programmer / Rockstar

Stan Duncan

UI Developer/Support Manager / "El Vaquero"

Suren Kumararatne

UI Developer / "Gambit"

Christopher Shireman

Lead Programmer / Caffeine Junky

Anne Stahl

Strategy Manager / Keep calm and Click On

Jesse Bilsten


Marc Kluver

Mobile Engineer

Jim McDonough

Director Client Services / "McD"

Eneko Alonso

Solutions Architect

Florent Ferere

Management Specialist

Frank Canaan

IT (Systems Administrator)

Michael Phares

Client Services
Account Executive

Nathan Vink

Digital Marketing
Account Executive

Sasikumar Ruppa

VP of Production and Technology

Teresa Malo


Tim Schmidt

Software Engineer

Zi Tan

Software Engineer

Jay Viswanathan

Project Manager

Robert Theis

Software Engineer

Our Values:


Adventure is in our blood. In and out of the office, whether we are coding sites or training for a marathon, HATHWAY is a tribe of adventure seekers. We are not afraid to explore, get dirty or take risks. It is in those states that some of our most creative solutions are found.


Integrity is the foundation of HATHWAY; in our work, in our play, in the solutions we create. We do what we say and say what we do, instilling trust in our clients and our team.


At HATHWAY, everything is done with a purpose. Our work is fueled by strategy, analysis and experience, and we strive to complete projects with meaning and integrity. From code, to design, to copy, to our clients: HATHWAY always has an end goal in mind.


Driven to succeed, driven to innovate, driven to find the most caffeinated beverages possible; HATHWAY is always evolving. Never settling for "ok," we are constantly learning, constantly adapting, constantly working on what it means to be HATHWAY. Embracing the new is how we innovate.


HATHWAY is more than just a group of people that make cool things, we are masters of our craft. We rely on each other for expertise, creative ideas and mad skills and together we form one amazing, innovation-driving machine. Investing in our employees through education, on-the-job training and experience, HATHWAY is always on the cutting edge.


At the foundation of every ground-breaking project is a relationship that fosters open communication, trust and collaboration. Building strong relationships with each other, our clients and the community is the essence of our success.

About Hathway

We are a digital agency building consumer brands and enterprise businesses online. Through digital strategy, design and application development we create experiences that transcend device, medium and touch point. With an unfaltering integrity and a drive for client service, our work is charged with a genuine desire to see our clients succeed. Our clients' success is our success.

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