What We Do Best

We are Hathway. Within the ever-changing digital realm we close the gap between strategy and creative, building interactive experiences with the newest technology. Innovation strong, we provide solutions that transcend device, medium and touch point.

Mobile Application Development

Here at Hathway we design, develop and optimize native mobile applications for iOS and Android. All of it--right here in house with our own developers. We can help you engage audiences and solve enterprise problems with a custom-built app for your business.


  • iPhone Application Development
  • iPad Application Development
  • Android Application Development
  • Website integration with your native app
  • A few of our most recent examples:

    Behr Paint
    Enterprise Mobile Application
    Big Poppa Smokers

    2014 is predicted to be the year of mobile, when the number of mobile internet devices surpasses that of traditional desktop and laptop PCs worldwide.

    As mobile internet access becomes ubiquitous, the opportunities to reach users and customers at key decision making moments grows. And as companies adopt mobile technologies, there are new opportunities to streamline and automate processes.

    Hathway can help you design and build an app to meet your business needs, whether enterprise or consumer facing. Our team utilizes agile development processes, which means we can iterate faster and respond to changes quickly. A flexible method of releasing applications also means your users receive frequent updates, adding value and creating opportunities for additional touchpoints.

    Our native mobile application development services allow our clients to integrate a mobile app with their website, to offer new utilities to their customers and to send quick snippets of information. Whether you want to send push notifications for new job listings, create a fun multi-media game or help consumers locate your products, we can help.